About Us

About Us


EDS Foundation was established on February 17th 2004 pursuant to Law “For the non-profit organizations” promulgated by the parliament.

This foundation was created within R&T, it is financially supported by it, as well as by and other national and international partners.

EDS about History

Strategic Mission

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EDS Foundation emerged from the growing need to create a cultural circuit that is characterized by the common exchanges and initiatives in cultural and economical promotion. Such fields are, including but not limited to, history, art, environment,
tourism, and archeology. To achieve the aforementioned purposes the foundation cooperates with various public and cultural institutions, foundations, associations, travel agencies.

EDS Foundation provides social-cultural and professional information to citizens who are continuously in need to gain information regarding Albania. Moreover, the Foundation provides services to public and private institutions interested in professional advice with respect to legislative and economical issues.

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The main aim of EDS Foundation is to be a close partner of cultural, public and private institutions and local artists by bringing values to traditional and alternative cultures through the organization of cultural activities
EDS Foundation intends to develop a cultural politic through the organization of conferences, meetings, seminars, activities with cultural/artistic character that will have a positive impact in the academic, cultural and artistic world in Tirana and around.

The foundation will cooperate with the University of Tirana, institutions and important personalities in order to develop a new and accurate cultural politics To fulfil its objectives, EDS Foundation also aims to cooperate with European cultural circuits.

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The Aim

The aim of EDS-Foundation is to organize and support national and local activities in the fields of culture, sports and science. In addition, the Foundation supports individuals, groups, and various non-profit associations that operate in these fields.

The foundation has no political or religious purposes. It is a non-profit organization that serves in the public interest

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