City Break Festival – MF17

City Break Festival – MF17

We believe that more than anything else, Tirana should offer quality vacations. This reality is difficult to define because the criteria are relativized according to the satisfaction of the individuals and necessarily the diversity and the creative offer are what harmonize a community to make it as positive and solidary as possible.
MotoFest 2017 in itself is a tourism product of the city of Tirana which wants to enrich the recreational offer of the urban community. MotoFest seeks to become the first example of a city that rests for 3 days in a row and leaves the daily routine. A city which undoubtedly produces in its political, economic and social-media activity a quality of life which it really does not deserve. They don’t deserve the generations that lived through the chaos of a regime and the anarchy of a transition that caused the loss of the ability to evaluate the individual’s priorities in society.

MotoFest is an innovative and social marketing platform that wants to promote all those medium or small businesses that operate in Tirana. Marketing and the opportunity to be promoted in the city should not be the monopoly of large companies. Every advanced city or community in the world should think about young entrepreneurs who are never born great. It should think about the entire service sector that lives and feeds many families who would otherwise be on long lists of unemployment. It is precisely these people who make what we call the market by determining who deserves money and attention. Darwinian selection should be directed precisely at those micro economic realities that manage to provide originality and quality in their service or product.

Above all, we want Tirana to become a normal city which offers, for the citizens who are in the middle of the difficulties of a not at all optimistic time, the motivation to work, live and stay.

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