The Unknown

EDS Foundation in collaboration with “RPM Nautical” and “The Albanian Center for Marine Research” organized the open exhibition with the title “THE UNKNOWN” Albanian Underwater Heritage, 17 photographs selected from underwater expeditions carried out in the Ionian Sea.

The Albanian Center for Marine Research has been engaged for years in research for underwater discoveries, marine life and studies of flora, fauna and underwater archaeological areas. Its mission in recent years is to educate the general public on the importance of Maritime Heritage and the protection of the Ecosystem.

The novelty of this exhibition was the way of its vertical development, following the chronology of Amphorae found in the deepest areas, ascending gradually and figuratively from the depth to the sea surface. For this, a collective apartment in the city of Tirana was chosen and public spaces were used for exhibition. This is an experiment to bring art and information closer to public areas, our homes.

Curator: Suada Ani Muraku


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